Our English project week in Malta

On the 1st of April we flew to Malta. 23 children of the 4th classes took part. Our hotel was in Sliena and a 5 minute walk away from the ocean. On Sunday we went to Valletta and had a tour around the city. The rest of the week we had english lessons in the morning.

In the afternoons we had some nice trips, for example: We went on a boat tour around the Grand Harbour, we visited Mdina and Rabat, where we walked around and where we ate the famous chocolate cake of the Cafe Fontanella. We also went on a tour in the South of Malta. There we saw: The Blue Grotto, typical Maltese fisher boats and the Dingli Cliffs, which is the highest point on the island.

In the evenings we often went for a walk and ate some ice cream. Once we went bowling, which was a lot of fun.

We flew back home very early on the 8th of April. We enjoyed this week very much. It was the best project week of our four years.


Natascha, Jada from 4b.